How To Grow Your Business With Google

What I’m about to say is no surprise to many – Google, right now, is the most important internet service company for your online (and offline) business. If you don’t know that by now, and you have a business, then you’re in some serious trouble.

Google’s main service is their search engine, a searchable catalog of all the content on the internet, which ranks the importance of that content based on relevance. That means, if you have a website, or offline business, that is considered by Google, through the use of their sophisticated proprietary mathematical algorithms, to be relevant for a search on a specific keyword or phrase, your website link or offline business information will show-up at the top of the search results. Since most people use Google to search for things on the internet, you can imagine how important Google’s search service is to the findability of your business.

Of course, there are other search engines out there, for example Yahoo! or Bing. However, Google garners more users on its search engine service than all other search engines combined. So, if you’re out to make a name for yourself and/or your business, it behooves you have to know how Google works and what Google likes to make it happy.

I just finished reading a great book (“The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Growing Your Business with Google“) by Dave Taylor, a tech guru who runs a popular tech website. I found this book to be very insightful and thorough on all things Google. If you want to know all the ins and outs of Google, including how to build a web business that will get you ranked high on Google (no, the book doesn’t promise guaranteed first page ranking, and neither do I) then this is a definite must read. Get yourself a copy here. You can thank me later.

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